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Kitty Kaviar


Kitty Kaviar - The Original Shaved Bonito Treat

Bonita (a schooling fish of the tuna and mackerel family) is carved into long, paper thin, wispy shavings or flakes and possesses a strong, enticing aroma. During and after processing, nothing is added to compromise the purity of the fish. It contains absolutely No Additives, Preservatives or By-Products and is 78% protein, 4% ash, 0.95% magnesium and it is also an excellent source of taurine (39%). Cats are often unable to synthesize essential nutrients, such as the amino acid taurine from plant matter. Taurine is used in body growth and tissue repair. Ash and magnesium are both minerals used in the body that are important for bone and tooth structure and helps to decrease damage to kidneys, and prevent urinary tract diseases. Freeze-dried fish has a naturally abrasive texture which helps remove plaque and food debris.

  • Gourmet Cat Treat
  • Excellent Training Tool
  • Reward for Good behavior
  • Appetite Stimulant
  • Medicinal Aide

1 Oz Can